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Britton Road Cemetery, 188 Britton Road, Rochester, NY 14616 

Stone Road Cemetery, 68 Stonewood Ave, Rochester, NY 14612

Congregations and organizations with plots in the Britton Road and Stone Road cemeteries include: 

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 ​​​​​​​Britton Road Association, Inc. is the nonprofit corporation that oversees the Jewish cemeteries located at 188 Britton Road and 68 Stonewood Avenue in Rochester, New York.

The Britton Road Cemetery was established in 1881 and the Stone Road cemetery was established in the 1920's.  Over time land was subdivided and developed by congregations, families, and fraternal organizations as small independent cemeteries.  The Britton Road Association was formed in 1954 to oversee the operation and maintenance of the independent cemeteries.  Member organizations retain ownership of their sections and pay dues to the Association to support the cost of shared services 

Gideon Lodge (I.O.O.F. Lodge #785)

Jewish Nat'l Worker's Alliance (Farband)
Jewish Spanish-American War Veterans

Kneses Israel
Knights of Pythias (Jay Lodge)
Kowel Plot

Leopold Street Shule
Morris Street Shule
Rhine Street Shule
Rochester Jewish Relief Organization         (R.J.R.O.)
Tiphereth Israel

Waad (Vaad) Hakolel
Workman's Circle